Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation

We have assisted national, regional, and local space user evaluate their plans to expand and/or relocate within the central Florida market. When planning your long-term occupancy strategy for your business understanding your current occupancy needs along with your future occupancy is imperative. While planning and deciding information is key. Considering how key demographic, psychographic or routing information can play a key role in the decision-making process are very vital. In addition, the implications of long-term occupancy cost to the company's bottom lineof various options and the impact on your business may indicate the success or failure of your business. Lastly, does the actual property or site make sense for your business. Real Property Experts will be here to help ensure all these factors of the decision-making process are considered and a well informed decisioned is made.

Understand Your Occupancy Cost

The Lease Analysis Calculator can provide useful information that may aid in the decision-making process. Use the lease analysis calculator for the following information:

  • Determine the total occupancy cost of your space.

  • Determine the net present value of remaining lease payments.

  • Compare remaining lease payments to new lease payments.